Saturday, March 20, 2010

East Coast Greenway - Andover CT

Trevor near one of the signs that marks the trail in Andover CT. 
We parked in the parking lot behind the local church and used the crosswalk to enter the Trail to Trail path.  All clearly marked.

Grave yard behind the church across from the hiking trail.  Beautiful old stones with lots of history. 
The boys really enjoied looking at each stone and seeing the dates.  Back to the early 1800's

View of the Church on Rt 6 Andover CT from the trail.

Trevor, Dylan and Troy walking the once Railroad trail.
Along this route we saw a few thing slike small streams and skunk cabbage (YUCK)!!

Reminders of what used to be - the telephone poles that remain along the walking/riding path.
As much as we wanted to walk further today we just brought a lunch and sat along the path and enjoied lunch, then we walked back to the car.  I am hoping next time we can walk longer on this trail. For more information on locations and what part of this trail might be in your state check out the East Coast Greenway website:

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