Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shorter Hike at The Mansfield Hollow

Post Halloween night activities we week really
did not start to move quickly, but we still set
off to do a short hike.

This week was a ReTrail on the Rt 89 side of the Mansfield Hollow State Park in CT.

Pretty easy start on the crosscountry sking trails, but the trail back seemed a bit more up hill and
not great for our tired little feet. Very few things
to hold the intrest of the boys as they struggled
to muster up the energy to walk back to the car
before dusk.
In general this is a good hike might be more interesting in the spring time. We saw lots of tracks, leaves, dear tree rubbings, Woodpecker holes and lots of fungus growing in and on trees. Might revisit this hiking trail in the spring.

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